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Hi, I’m Larraine, and I moved from Sydney to Brisbane in May 2019 with my husband, Barry. We moved here seeking the warmer Queensland weather and to connect with some of our extended family.

When I left Sydney, I left behind a busy social life, a life-long passion for dancing and many other interests. Apart from family, I pretty much didn’t know anyone in Brisbane, and I found that my social life and my passion for dancing were really affected by the move.

It took an ACAT assessment and some prodding from my daughter-in-law, Sam, for me to seek out and try attending a social support group to give me the social interaction that I was craving. So, it was just over a year ago that I connected with Footprints.

I love attending the groups at Footprints. It’s an extremely social environment, and the staff are always friendly and helpful, from the moment you’re greeted by Karen and Ellie at reception until the time you go home.

I started out attending the groups with Barry, but he has since experienced some ill health, so I’ve been going on my own. Barry and I were the first group members to start dancing on music day and it has been a great way to reinvigorate my passion for dancing.

One day, Brett, who was the groups’ Activities Assistant and who’s pictured here with me, asked me to teach him a dance. He wasn’t bad, but I had to correct his dancing and say, “Don’t do this”, and “Don’t do that”. I’m sure he took it in his stride.

Coming to Footprints is like visiting your best friends. Sam says that some mornings I’m a little too eager to go to the social support groups!

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