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We are excited to announce that Footprints in Brisbane Inc. has now changed to Footprints Community Ltd.

What does this change mean for Footprints?

This change puts Footprints in a stronger position for the future by providing a more flexible structure that can:

  • • respond to the changing environment in which we operate
  • • grow to meet the future needs of the community in which we work
  • • fulfil the objectives of our new 2021–24 Strategic Plan.

Although our legal structure and name has changed, it will continue to be the same legal entity. Our ABN and all contracts and arrangements are not affected — it will be business as usual.

From now until the end of 2021 we will continue to use the current Footprints logo and 30 Year Anniversary logo. However, you will notice that:

  • • references to Footprints in Brisbane Inc. in various material will be replaced with Footprints Community Ltd
  • • our main website address will change to www.footprintscommunity.org.au
  • • our email addresses will also change e.g. admin@footprintscommunity.org.au.

(Note: our previous website and email addresses will still continue to redirect)

Then in 2022, we will release a new look for Footprints Community Ltd — exciting times ahead!

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