Part of Footprints’ mission is to be responsive, innovative, professional and timely in providing care and support to each client. We strive to provide high quality, safe, effective and efficient care that is client focused and evidence-based, is delivered in relation to the care needs of each client every time. Our people are also committed to the principles of continuous quality improvement and best practice approach.


Footprints undergoes regular reviews internally and is independently assessed against a number of State and National standards in order to continuously improve the quality of care and services. Our services are certified/licenced against:

Certification against the National Disability Insurance Scheme Practice Standards is scheduled for early 2021.

In addition, Footprints services also align with:

Our Quality Policy, and Care and Clinical Governance Framework are available to view on request.

We actively encourage and seek suggestions that may assist us in our pursuit of quality to make our systems and processes safer and provide clients with a better experience. We use a wide range of activities to collect information on how well we are doing from our clients, their families and carers, and service providers.

Every year, we collect feedback from our clients via our annual Client Satisfaction Survey which helps us identify what we are doing well and areas in which our service could be improved. It is a vital part of ensuring we deliver the highest quality care.

In addition to the above, we also have established forums for client participation and engagement. These include service specific client meetings, support plan reviews, program evaluations, exit interviews/surveys and client/carer advisory groups. We use this valuable information to assist us to plan for the future, and improve our care and support services and processes.

Survey highlights from 2020

2020 Client Satisfaction Survey Highlights

At Footprints we genuinely welcome your feedback. We encourage you to provide your comments and suggestions any time by contacting us.

Despite best intentions, unfortunate incidents do sometimes occur. Here at Footprints we ensure that every incident is reported, investigated, and where applicable, actions are put in place to ensure that the incident is not repeated. If you are involved in an incident, we will communicate with you/your representatives openly about what has occurred and how we are rectifying the situation.

Occasionally, certain types of incident may necessitate a report to an external governing body. Our Privacy Policy addresses information provided to other agencies or stakeholders. A copy of our Incident Management Policy & Procedure can be provided on request.