Celebrating International Women’s Day

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To celebrate International Women’s day this year Footprints wanted to highlight the lives of our staff and clients. In doing this we hope to share their success stories and acknowledge their achievements and insights. Here are some of the great responses we received.

Naomi: Mental Health North Team Leader

  • What is your Footprints story?

I started at Footprints in 2016 with the SHouT Team and have embraced opportunities as they arose in my path – Team Leader roles across various Mental Health programs.  I love Footprints and embrace all of the values that the organisation upholds.  I feel I am not alone in my passion for what I do and Footprints has given me opportunities to succeed in achieving my career goals.

  • What have been your biggest achievements at Footprints?

Leading amazing teams that advocate for equality for those that have lost their power every single day.

Being a part of creating programs that have a positive effect on an individual’s recovery.

Being involved in the Annual Art Exhibition and other events Footprints organises or participates in – I feel like I’m involved in something bigger than just my job – we work alongside and promote the wellbeing of those that we support.

  • What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

Firstly, equality  – women have worked so hard to be recognised in their own rights and to have the same rights as men; and secondly, celebration of what women achieve and what I achieve day-to-day – being a mum, doing a job I love that I have worked hard to get, working with amazing inspiring co-workers every day and being in a mutually fair and happy relationship . I want my daughters to be inspired and have opportunities because of the changes that I have worked for in my lifetime.

  • Which women inspire you / whose work do you admire in relation to women’s rights and equality?

The strong women I work with – carving paths for improving the wellbeing of the clients we work with – advocating for equality for all and being strong women role models.

Brene Brown – research and understanding of the power of vulnerability and shame, being brave/courageous and celebrating imperfection.

Christiana Figueres – climate negotiator – not afraid to mince words about the reality of the global environment and what needs to change.

Rosa Parks – women and civil rights activist

Jandy: Footprints Client

  • What is your Footprints story?

Footprints are looking after and coordinating my NDIS Package and I have an abundance of appreciation for such a valuable team and organisation.

  • What have been your biggest achievements at Footprints?

Footprints have played a major role in guiding me towards the restoration of my emotional health.

  • What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge our journeys into womanhood. We are born babies and become women from an abundance of cultures and pathways.  Regardless of having a different experience as a 3rd gender child with a disability, International Woman’s Day allows me to cerebrate my unique journey and that for me is a beautiful opportunity.

  • Which women inspire you / whose work do you admire in relation to women’s rights and equality?

There are so many woman who inspire me, such as Nancy Cunard , Frida Kahlo , Sister Elizabeth Kenny ,Yoko Ono and many more. Currently, the most inspirational female is a teenage girl named Greta Thunberg and her voice and determination fill me with hope.

Being a woman can be costly, but if the freedom to be comes at a cost, then it is better to pay rather than have that freedom lost.

If I think about the difference in the history of fear between men and women, it would be the sentence below:

‘Men fear women will laugh at them, women fear men will kill them!’  We still have a journey towards true social equity and the full beauty of humanism.


Remianne: Aged Care Team Intake Officer

  • What is your Footprints story?

I started working at Footprints in late 2018 as an administration Trainee. Working as the Aged Care Intake Officer, working closely alongside our aged care coordinator. At the start, I wasn’t sure if the community services sector was where I wanted to begin my new career ventures, but after just a few weeks, I was very excited to be a part of this organisation. Footprints have helped many elderly clients from all around, near and far, to stay independent in their homes and being a part of helping someone to remain independent is what makes me enjoy my job. Once I completed my traineeship in mid-2019 I was offered a position to stay with Footprints full time, continuing on with my work here. If I had not worked at Footprints I would still be so blind to what the community services sector could offer to so many and I am amazed with how much new knowledge I have accumulated and how I can now share my knowledge to help others. Soon I will be diving into studies to further my development here at Footprints and I am excited to see where the organisation will take me next.

  • What have been your biggest achievements at Footprints?

Some of my proudest achievements at Footprints come from my transition to being a full time employee at Footprints. In successfully gaining the role of Intake Officer for the Aged Care team, I feel as though I have become integral to the efficiency of the team. In addition, as an Intake Officer, you often need to deal with clients very regularly and I am constantly rewarded by the connections I build with our clients every day from these interactions.

  • What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

It reminds me that I am hard working woman and I know I have many opportunities in life to become successful.

  • Which women inspire you / whose work do you admire in relation to women’s rights and equality?

Currently I am most inspired by my supervisor and trainer, Lorraine. Lorraine is the Aged Care Coordinator at Footprints and has been my mentor through my whole journey here. She has taught me just about everything I know, and, well, sometimes I get to teach her along the way too.





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