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The NDIS can be challenging for people to apply for. One main struggle that Footprints clients have had and appreciated is the help our organisation can provide with navigating the requirements for a successful application.

Some clients find it quite overwhelming to communicate with allied health professionals and find it stressful to ask for GPs to complete NDIS forms, this is due to clients being confused about what information is required in the form.

Most clients have appreciated Footprints’ Support Co-ordinators, as they are able to speak on the client’s behalf to allied health professionals in regards to the requirements of support letters. These support letters require particular wording for the NDIS which both clients and most health professionals are not aware of.

Some clients have also found it a bit confusing in regards to language used around NDIS. They have appreciated having support to walk them through the process of applying (Complete verbal access request, complete access application, gather evidence, attend planning meetings etc.).

Another challenge facing clients is in regards to the cost of NDIS reports. Most allied health professionals require a fee that clients are not able to afford. Where appropriate, Footprints have been able to fund for some of these reports in order to assist clients to apply for the NDIS. Reports completed by psychologists or psychiatrists provide valuable evidence for an NDIS application and can attribute to a much stronger application if included.

One client in particular, Rita, has been with Footprints for more than 10 years, participates at Footprints events, draws Christmas cards to Footprints and gives her blessing every year. Rita was receiving support by Footprints through the Queensland Community Care Program. Rita then applied for the NDIS more than 5 times so that she could continue to receive ongoing supports in line with her needs. Rita’s support Co-ordinator, Melissa, supported Rita through this process by compiling specific and detailed diagnoses information around functional impact, which Rita struggled to do on her own. Melissa also provided understanding for Rita towards the specific requirements of the NDIS and helped liaise with allied health professionals on a regular basis to ensure Rita’s needs were fully portrayed in evidence for her NDIS application. Through Melissa’s dedication and tireless efforts to support Rita around the NDIS application process, Rita was finally successful and is now on the NDIS. Footprints and its staff advocates strongly for our clients needing help navigating the application process in order to gain the best outcomes possible.

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