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For Paul, his journey with Footprints commenced back in 2013 when he started receiving our services. Two years after becoming a Footprints’ client, Paul’s needs increased and he was granted approval for a home care package.  Staff at Footprints tailored a home care package to Paul so that he could continue living at home for as long as possible.  As well as receiving home support, Paul regularly attended our Centre Based Activities where he enjoyed interacting with other clients and partaking in our home-style meals.

In early 2019, Paul decided that he could no longer remain living independently at home and moved into an aged care facility.  Footprints have still been able to support Paul through the Community Visitors Scheme, a Federal Government initiative.  Our support worker, Robyn, decided that she wanted to continue being involved in Paul’s life.  Therefore, she registered as a CVS volunteer visitor with Footprints and continues to visit Paul on a regular basis.

If you have been approved for a home care package and would like regular social visits, we can organise a volunteer visitor for you too.  Alternatively, you may know someone living in a residential aged care facility who would like a visit.  Please contact our office on 3252 3488 to enquire further about visits or any of our aged care services.

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