Footprints Working Together To Connect Care (WTTCC) program takes a collaborative approach to providing case management and psychosocial support to people who regularly attend the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital (RBWH) and The Prince Charles Hospital (TPCH) Emergency Departments.

Without persistence in trying to help me and assisting me with my pace, I would have been homeless.
How can WTTCC help you?

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The WTTCC program provides person-centred supports to people referred to the service to increase their independence and resilience to support them to reduce their presentations and admissions to Emergency Departments at the Royal Brisbane Womens Hospital and The Prince Charles Hospital.


The program works alongside the person developing a personal recovery plan, focusing on targeted strategies and providing care coordination in the community. The WTTCC team collaborate with medical treating teams, emergency services and other community providers to ensure the person’s needs and goals are achieved.

What does WTTCC provide?

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  • Person-centred, non-clinical case management support
  • Collaborative working approach with the hospital emergency WTTCC team to create an Acute Management Plan and promote WTTCC participants’ involvement to facilitate person-centred and person-led support provision
  • Collaborative psychosocial support provision
  • Linking into appropriate to services to assist with individuals’ recovery journey
  • Support individuals to lead their own recovery and enhance self-management of multiple complex health conditions
  • Capacity building through education, information sharing and coaching
  • Provides flexible service delivery and outreach supports.
Find out more

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Download the WTTCC flyer:


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Supported by Queensland Health and Brisbane North PHN

Who is this program for?

Eligibility criteria

Eligibility is determined by the RBWH/TPCH Emergency Department WTTCC clinicians and is available to people who are over the age of 16.

Geographical region

RBWH/TPCH catchment area.

How to refer

All referrals are made by the RBWH/TPCH Emergency Department WTTCC clinicians.

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