Housing and Homelessness

Having a safe and secure place to live is a basic human right and at Footprints we believe that everyone deserves to have a home and have somewhere safe and comfortable to sleep at night. Currently the housing shortage, as well as the rising cost of housing in Queensland, is increasing the numbers of individuals without a safe place to live and therefore an increase in people sleeping rough, sleeping in their cars or caravans, couch surfing, living in boarding houses or in crisis accommodation.

At Footprints we are committed to ending the homelessness cycle by providing several different programs and services, where we can help those currently homeless, as well as those who are at risk of losing their home, or are living in unstable housing. We provide a multi-tiered approach and have proven experience and achieved outcomes in supporting our clients to seek appropriate housing, maintain their tenancy and make lasting improvements in their living arrangements while ensuring their overall wellbeing and connection with their community.

Queensland Community Support Scheme

Recovery and Wellness Program

Assistance with Care and Housing

Homelessness Response Service

Stand Up, Step Out (SUSO) Mobile Outreach

Older women are the fastest growing group of people at risk of housing distress and homelessness in Australia.

Footprints Housing Older Women’s Support Service (HOWSS) offers a Brisbane-based Hub, a state-wide online navigation and support service, inclusive of all older women experiencing housing distress or homelessness.

HOWSS provides a place where older women can receive:

  • • assistance to find housing and support assistance
  • • face-to-face contact with skilled staff
  • • volunteer peer support from people with lived experience
  • • telephone and online advice and advocacy
  • • outreach services
  • • information and linkages to other human service support agencies
  • • engagement and education sessions for older women, and the sector
  • • state-wide collaborative regional responses.

Footprints will be working with the Housing for the Aged Action Group (HAAG) in the establishment of this service over the coming months; partners within the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy; older women’s interest groups and other key stakeholders.

To find out when this service will be available in your area, please call:

1800 FOOTPRINTS (1800 366 877)

A dedicated website is available at www.HOWSS.org.au

The Homelessness Response Service (HRS) provides mobile and outreach supports to individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness across the Redlands, Wynnum, Southern Moreton Bay Islands and North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah).

HRS provides on the ground care coordination and support to enable individuals and families to move out of homelessness and have the right supports in place to maximise their independence, and improve health, wellbeing and quality of life.

HRS offers:

  • • Direct support — we listen and understand your housing needs
  • • Referrals to access emergency accommodation
  • • Information and advocacy
  • • Connection to specialist services and community supports
  • • Applications for housing solutions.

How to access this service
You can connect with HRS via:

  • • email: HRS@footprintscommunity.org.au
  • • in person by appointment, by calling a HRS team member on 07 3252 3488
  • • alternatively, you can visit the Bayside Housing Service Centre and speak with a Footprints Community HRS team member.

Our team will meet you where you are on your housing journey. You can also reach us at our mobile laundry and shower bus, for details visit:

After-hours support:
Homeless Hotline: 1800 474 753
This service operates 24 hours / 7 days.

In an emergency situation, please call 000.

Queensland Government
HRS is a free service, funded by Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy.

list of dates for Redlands Hubs 2024

  • HRS can also help with:

  • Tenant advice and advocacy

  • Centrelink

  • Emergency relief agencies

  • Legal support

  • Financial counselling

  • Youth services

  • LGBTIQ support

  • Culturally specific support

  • Mental health support

  • Counselling

  • Family support

  • Alcohol and other drug support

  • Health and disability services

Every day across Brisbane there are about 5813 people (ABS 2016 Census) that do not have a safe place to sleep.

Footprints SUSO outreach bus and its dedicated team is here to support individuals that are sleeping rough and/or at risk of homelessness. We can provide those individuals with a comfortable and safe environment to shower, access laundry facilities, and our dedicated team is available to help individuals get access to the right supports and services.

SUSO works with organisations and neighbourhood centres to complement the existing services that are already present in the area.

Our service currently operates weekly in Wynnum, Capalaba, Lawnton, Zillmere and Clontarf, over a 5 day working week.

Please visit us to access our:

  • • Shower and laundry services
  • • Dedicated team who can provide advocacy, support and referrals, or just a friendly chat
  • • Free WiFi and mobile charging.

This service is funded through Queensland Health
Queensland Government

We would also like to thank LawRight, QuIHN, GIVIT, Wynnum Community Place, Redland Community Centre, Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Centre and Zillmere Community Centre for their support and partnerships.

We need your help
Footprints understands how important volunteers are, and so do our SUSO patrons. Something as simple as having a conversation whilst waiting for your laundry, or sitting down over a warm cup of tea, can make a real difference in people’s lives. If you would like to make a difference and can volunteer some of your spare time, please contact us today.

Service Schedule

Below is a schedule of our regular locations and times.

Please note that our services times and locations may vary. To keep up to date with our latest movements please like and follow the Footprints Community Facebook page:

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  • Temporary SUSO Schedule in September 2023:

  • Monday 9:00am–11:00am — St Peters Anglican Church – 77 Charlotte Street, Wynnum

  • Tuesday 7:30am–11:30am — Encircle Redcliffe Neighbourhood Centre - 1 Lamington Drive, Redcliffe

  • Wednesday 12:00pm–2:00pm — Caboolture Neighbourhood Centre – 9 George Street, Caboolture

  • Thursday 7:30am–11:30am — Encircle Redcliffe Neighbourhood Centre - 1 Lamington Drive, Redcliffe

I have created friendships and being driven to different locations makes me feel more part of the community

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